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Our classrooms are alive with laughter and learning. We strive to create engaging classroom environments, with lessons designed with students’ interests in mind.

2019 - 2020 Hewitt's Creek Staff 

PrincipalN. Jones
Vice-PrincipalJ. MacAlpine 
Admin SupportK. Parnell, T. Ritchie, S. Taylor
Custodial StaffT. Cote, F. Cloutier, A. Weening
KindergartenK. Hamilton & A. Iannello
J. Harris, C. Millar & L. Eldridge
S. Picton & N. Ferlito
T. Trembath & L. Prince
M. Yakiwchuk & B. Samra
Grade 1M. Barrett
T. Robinson
C. Stapleton
Grade 1/2A. Reilly
Grade 2 S. Campbell Kenny
J. McElroy
A. Peters
​Grade 2/3
​B. Shamas
Grade 3D. Ashton
L. Tsepelis
M. Wichert
Grade 4
P. Butkovich
L. Vree
​Grade 4/5
​B. White
Grade 5
A. Dold
N. Watts

​Grade 5/6
K. Parker
Grade 6
K. Cappadocia
C. Dixon
Grade 7D. Duiella
C. Bennett
​Grade 7/8
​L. MacDonald
Grade 8D. Farr
M. Wilson
Teacher-LibrarianG. Thurlow
N. Barry
A. King
Educational AssistantsL. Giroux, E. Law, J. Marshall, S. Sutherland, H. Trudeau
K. Dywanski
FrenchC. Brousseau
S. Grandoni
Planning TimeS. Byers
J. Cap
K. Jones 
L. McTaggart