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Our classrooms are alive with laughter and learning. We strive to create engaging classroom environments, with lessons designed with students’ interests in mind. Click on the names highlighted in blue for links to more specific classroom information. 

2016-17 Hewitt's Creek Staff 

PrincipalN. Jones
Vice-PrincipalT. McCann
Admin SupportK. Parnell, T. Ritchie, A. Bailey
Custodial StaffL. Rutledge, F. Cloutier, B. Jones, T. Traverse
KindergartenT. Trembath & S. Lees, B. Shamas & A. Iannello, T. Robinson & B. Samra , J. Oatway & L. Prince, A. Voo & L. Eldridge, S. Picton & M. Dang
Grade 1Mr. Barrett, J. McElroy, J. Lynn & D. Hunt
Grade 1/2C. Stapleton
Grade 2 S. Campbell Kenny, A. Murray, A. Peters
Grade 3D. Ashton, L. Vree, L. Tsepelis, M. Wichert
Grade 4P. Butkovich, J. Cathcart, J. Veenvliet
Grade 5 A. Dold, N. Williams
Grade 5/6 K. Cappadocia,
Grade 6C. Dixon,  A. Hsiao
Grade 7D. Duiella, K. Parker, A. Cook
Grade 8 D. Farr, L. Chamot
LibrarianG. Thurlow
SERTN. Barry, S. Colllins, C. Hingley
Educational AssistantsJ. Chisholm, J. Marshall, S. Thomas, L. Harris
FrenchC. Brousseau, S. Grandoni, N. Williams
Planning TimeD. Hunt, S. Byers, J. Harris, K. Jones, C. Millar, C. HIngley, N. Snell